The man Bayern just signed who can get Tuchel out and bring in Xabi Alonso

Bayern Munich appointed a new club member who is among the best in Germany.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Bayern Munich appointed a new board member that can bring Xabi Alonso to the club.
Bayern Munich appointed a new board member that can bring Xabi Alonso to the club.
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Bayern Munich looks to have their future set with a new appointment in the club. Bayern Munich wants to look for a manager carefully, and for that, the club believes in bringing in a sports board member. The German giants have appointed sporting director Max Eberl. He has done work at Borussia Monchengladbach and RB Leipzig. The German has signed a contract with Bayern Munich that will go on till June 2027, and he officially starts to work this Friday, March 1st.

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Eberl has been at Bayern Munich in the past as a player but did not play a lot. Eberl was officially presented as the new sporting director of Bayern Munich earlier today and spoke to the press about his plans for the team. Eberl said, "For me it's a great pleasure to come back home after 30 years. I feel big excitement to get to know the top German and European level. There are challenges coming up, looking for a coach and working on the squad. Christoph Freund will be an extremely important partner for me. We want to decide things on an equal footing. We still want to get the best out of this season. I'm here to win titles."

Eberl spoke about Tuchel's situation in the club and believes it's the right decision to part ways with him at the end of the season. Eberl said, "It's an open, transparent decision. The club has been in this situation for weeks, the club has made this decision. It's not about Max Eberl, not about Jan-Christian Dreesen, not about Herbert Hainer, not about Thomas Tuchel, but about Bayern Munich. I wasn't involved, that's not my job either. For me, as an outsider, it feels right."

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Eberl explains how he almost appointed Xabi Alonso before he went to Leverkusen

In 2021, as a sporting director in Borussia Monchengladbach, Eberl mentions when he almost brought in Xabi Alonso as the club's new manager. Eberl said, "The conversation was impressive. He [Alonso] said at the time that it was too early for him. That's why he rejected the offer. But that doesn't mean any conclusions about today. I won't comment on names."

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