Despite agreeing to leave in the summer, Bayern could sack Thomas Tuchel sooner

Thomas Tuchel is not guaranteed to leave in the summer as Bayern Munich could get rid of him sooner.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Thomas Tuchel could leave Bayern Munich before the end of the season.
Thomas Tuchel could leave Bayern Munich before the end of the season.
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Bayern Munich are yet to convince on the pitch as Bayer Leverksuen is running away with the Bundesliga. Bayern Munich played in the Bundesliga yesterday and drew 2-2 against Freiburg. Bayern Munich are still in second in the Bundesliga table but are now on 54 points. Bayer Leverkusen have a game left to play and if they win, they will be 10 points clear off Bayern Munich. Concerns are growing at the club by the form of the team and now the team will have a major test in the Champions League this week.

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Thomas Tuchel's unconvincing results with Bayern Munich led to both officially agreeing a parting ways at the end of the season. Bayern Munich will use the remainder of the season to look for an ideal candidate to replace Tuchel next season. While the plan seems set by both Tuchel and Bayern Munich, the inconsistency of the results continues. The Champions League game against Lazio will be crucial to determine Tuchel's future as now plans suggest he could leave before the end of the season.

Sky Sports Germany reports that Thomas Tuchel will definitely sit on the bench against Lazio, but Tuesday's game could be a final for him. If Bayern advances to the quarterfinals, no matter how Tuchel is expected to stay until the end of the season. An elimination would likely mean the coach will likely be dismissed immediately. Lazio are winning 1-0 against Bayern Munich on aggregate and the second leg this week will be played at the Allianz Arena.

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Why Bayern Munich didn't sack Tuchel now and rather part ways at the end of the season

Sky Sports Germany reports that Tuchel remains in charge for now because, although there are interim candidates such as Ole Gunnar Solskjær, there's not yet a 'top option' to take over until the end of the season and of whom the bosses are unanimously convinced.

In the event of an immediate dismissal of Tuchel, Bayern is not planning to appoint a coach who would come now and stay beyond the summer. The reason is that the club wants to bring Xabi Alonso after the end of the season. That's why Bayern are hoping Tuchel and his team will turn the tie around against Lazio to avoid the worst-case scenario that would damage the image of all sides.

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