Ex-Man United coach Mourinho takes jab on Guardiola's Man City

Jose Mourinho hopes for an outcome that involves Pep Guardiola's Manchester City.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Jose Mourinho talks more about his career with Manchester United and pokes fun at Guardiola's Man City.
Jose Mourinho talks more about his career with Manchester United and pokes fun at Guardiola's Man City.
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Jose Mourinho revealed a lot about his career over the years in an interview with FIVE hosted by Rio Ferdinand. Mourinho talked about his time with Manchester United and talked about the good times he had while only coaching the team for two years. Mourinho also takes a slight jab on Pep Guardiola's Manchester City.

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In his first season with Manchester United he placed the team 6th in the Premier League with 69 points but he did win the Europa League and an FA Community Shield. In his second full season with Manchester United, Mourinho did not win any trophies for the team as he finished runners up in the FA Cup against Chelsea and placed second in the Premier League behind Manchester City.

The 2017/2018 season saw Manchester United second with 81 points, but Manchester City finished first with a historic 100 points. Jose Mourinho had to take on the Man City Centurions in his second season with Man United. After discussing about not winning the Premier League with Man United, he took a slight dig towards Man City. Mourinho said, "I was killed for saying second place was one of the greatest achievements of my career. Maybe there is a chance that we will win that league, no? Because if Man City are found guilty in Financial Fair Play and they are breaking the rules... they lose a few points, and maybe we win that title!" Man City is yet to be punished for the 115 charges they have, and rumors are circulating that some of the previous Premier League titles City could be taken away from them. It would either be void or given to second-place teams.

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Mourinho calls El Clasico games as one of his favorites because of the rivalry

Mourinho reflects on his time coaching Real Madrid and playing against a tough Barca team Pep Guardiola coached. Mourinho said, "My years at Real Madrid there was huge rivalry with Barcelona. The best Cristiano, the best Messi, Barcelona best team in the world, Madrid trying to change that. The world stopped for El Clásico. One season Barca win, one season Madrid wins. It was beautiful, but the intensity."

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