Not Cristiano, Jose Mourinho picks his favorite player he has ever coached

Jose Mourinho discusses about his career that includes Roma, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Manchester United.

Jose Mourinho has coached Cristiano Ronaldo but he's not his favorite player to coach.

Jose Mourinho is one of the greatest managers in football history. He has won many trophies with clubs like Chelsea, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, and more. Mourinho also coached some of the best footballers in history, like Cristiano Ronaldo. In an interview with Rio Ferdinand, he expresses his thoughts on his career and reveals his favorite player he's ever coached.

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In an interview with FIVE with Ferdinand, he talks about his latest job with AS Roma in Italy. Mourinho discussed how the sacking affected him. Mourinho said, "Being sacked by AS Roma is the one that has been hurting me more. I gave everything. In these three years, I refused to become the new Portugal head coach with the best national team ever. I also had a big proposal from Saudi Arabia. It’s owner decision. You have to respect that, not even discuss. I feel that the fans are always the heart of football club. But there’s an ownership, when the owner decides you have to respect."

Mourinho acknowledged coaching Cristiano Ronaldo and credited the Portuguese striker for his quality on the pitch. When asked if he even needed toxic him, Mourinho said, "I think you don't coach [Cristiano Ronaldo]." Although he praised Ronaldo to be a great player, he didn't mention him to be his favorite player to coach. Mourinho mentions Raphael Varane as his favorite. Mourinho said, "The players I most enjoyed are the players that gave me everything. When you play a kid, the kid becomes your kid for life. I look to Varane at the end of his career. He is my kid."

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Jose Mourinho still shows his love for Manchester United after leaving the club in 2018

After spending only two years at the club, Mourinho expressed his love for Man United. Mourinho said, "I love Manchester United and the fans. I hope everything goes well. I am waiting as soon as possible for Man Utd to become your Man Utd that I fell in love with. The club, the history, everything, to be a coach in the same club as Sir Alex [Ferguson], you have to feel it, you have to feel the pride and responsibility, and I felt it."

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