Cristiano Ronaldo wanted him out of Al Nassr, now he wants to win Liga MX again

Cristiano Ronaldo might regret not having this Liga MX star as a teammate.

By Juan Macías

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo
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The portuguese striker was set to go ahead and make some changes as soon as he arrived to the Al Nassr team, but not all of them were good moves.

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Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to make sure that he had control over most of the transfers of the Al Nassr team, and despite the fact that he would be looking to still make some changes to the team, now it seems that the portuguese striker might have made some mistakes with some of the players that could have still be of use to him in the next part of the season.

One of the main concerns for the Al Nassr team at the moment is the fact that the team is not scoring as many goals as it needed to win the Saudi Arabia league, and in fact that could be one of the main reasons why they are now looking for a striker in the next part of the season and this could have helped them with just that now.

But the fact is that one of the players that had to leave the Al Nassr team in order for Cristiano Ronaldo to agree to the move was Jonathan Rodríguez right now a 30 year old attacker that plays in the America team in the mexican league, and he is one o the stars for his team as well now.

Jonathan Rodríguez was been able to win the Liga MX ligue title with three differents teams, and the fact is that right now he might also be looking to do just that once again, now that according to most of the bettings sites, the America team is the favourite team to win the Liga MX once again, and the fact is that they might be ready to win two in a row.

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Jonathan Rodríguez role

Right now Jonathan Rodríguez has not been able to have as much impact as expected due to an injury, but the fact is that despite that the striker might be looking to go ahead and change that and really help his team with that task.

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