The Premier League will have a new addition with the VAR next season

The VAR will continue to improve as the Premier League is set to introduce new way to communicate decisions.

By Emmanuel Mendez

The VAR decisions will be told to the fans inside the stadiums next season in the Premier League.
The VAR decisions will be told to the fans inside the stadiums next season in the Premier League.
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After many controversial calls so far this Premier League season, football fans in the stadiums will be able to listen to referee decisions next season. According to fans who attend games, the experience of football games in England is confusing because they don't know what goes on when a referee checks VAR. Next season, the Premier League will follow other leagues to improve the VAR experience.

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Some controversial calls in the past and this season have become a big talking point in the football community. Many Premier League fans are not becoming big fans of VAR because instead of correcting mistakes, the VAR decisions are more interpretation-based decisions and leave fans furious. Some decisions have gone so wrong that many fans claim it causes dropped points that could affect a title race or a relegation battle. Referees will be allowed to explain VAR decisions to Premier League fans next season after the green light from football's lawmakers.

This season, one of the worst calls by VAR is the disallowed goal of Luis Diaz against Spurs earlier in the season. Luis Diaz was disallowed a goal against Spurs that would have made it 1-0 for Liverpool. VAR checked the play, and without marking the lines and miscommunication, the goal was wrongly disallowed. This game is Liverpool's only loss in the season, and if the goal counted, the game could've ended 2-2.

Last season, Arsenal was a victim of this as an Ivan Toney goal was given but should've been disallowed. The goal was the equalizer for Brentford, but the goal should've been disallowed for offside. Toney headed the ball from close range, but a cross is what made it offside. Brentford midfielder Christian Norgaard was offside from receiving a flicked header by Pinnock. VAR didn't properly disallow the goal after a few replays of the play.

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Howard Webb explains the reason why referees will have microphones to let the fans know about decisions next season

PGMOL chief Howard Webb spoke about the new addition to the VAR decisions for the Premier League next season. Webb says, "Even if people don’t necessarily agree with the final decision, people can understand the process and the rationale and be much more accepting of the decision. We’re not going to satisfy and please everyone, some decisions split opinion. You’ve got clearly correct decisions, and clearly wrong decisions, and then this grey zone of subjectivity where people form an opinion."

Liga Portugal and Liga MX have already implemented this new way to use VAR this season and hope to keep improving the microphones to let the fans in stadiums know about their decisions during the game.

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