Chelsea tickets reaches record price, this is how much they will cost

Chelsea tickets for Manchester United game are the most expensive it has ever been.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Chelsea will have one of the most expensive seats for game against Manchester United.
Chelsea will have one of the most expensive seats for game against Manchester United.
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Chelsea is one of the richest clubs in the world, and they have shown that with their big-money signings. Since the takeover of the American businessman and investor Todd Boehly, Chelsea has spent over $1 billion on transfers. Chelsea are at risk of breaching Financial Fair Play rules this summer unless they raise funds with over $100 million. Chelsea is planning to sell home grown talents, which means guaranteed profit. Chelsea is reportedly looking for other ways to raise funds, and it is at a heavy cost for the fans.

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Matt Law from the Daily Telegraph, Chelsea set a new Premier League high by charging £5000 for one ticket when Manchester United comes to play. They're also charging £3000 for the game against Tottenham and over £2000 for the FA Cup match against Leeds United from the Championship. This equates to $6,300 for the Man United game, $3,800 for the Tottenham game, and $2,500 for the FA Cup game against Leeds United.

Chelsea will play Leeds United at Stamford Bridge next week after the EFL Carabao Cup final against Liverpool at Wembley Stadium on Sunday. Chelsea will Manchester United on April 3rd. The Tottenham game was supposed to be played today at Stamford Bridge, but because Chelsea will play the EFL Carabao Cup final this weekend, the Spurs game will be rescheduled for another date. Chelsea will need to produce some good performances soon in order to sell these expensive tickets at Stamford Bridge.

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Mauricio Pochettino hopes Chelsea is treated equally against Liverpool in the English Cup final

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino looks forward to the Carabao Cup final against Liverpool this Sunday. Pochettino wants his team to not have a similar situation as the 4-1 loss against Liverpool at Anfield. Pochettino said, "I think we need to be sure we are going to compete and be fair in every single decision. When we played at Anfield I think…not one key decision was for us. Two penalties were not given. Duels, 50-50s, always for another colour. Always red. I want to be treated in a fair way."

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