Chelsea and Aston Villa drew 0-0 and a replay is needed at Villa Park

No winner in Stamford Bridge at the tie needs a replay at Villa Park to define a winner.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Chelsea vs Aston Villa goes scoreless after 90 mins in the FA Cup.
Chelsea vs Aston Villa goes scoreless after 90 mins in the FA Cup.
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Chelsea and Aston Villa drew 0-0 at Stamford Bridge and will need a replay to see who advances in the FA Cup. Chelsea created the most chances in the first half. Emiliano Martinez made three saves in the first half, keeping Villa alive in the tie. In the second half, the Chelsea keeper had to do more work.

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Chelsea tried to attack again in the second half but struggled to take a shot on target. Sterling has looked like a threat on the left side as he chased a great ball and cut inside for a cut. His shot was blocked easily, but Chelsea looked threatening on the counter. Villa still controlled the ball more and built plays. Luiz took a long shot that could've been a great pass to an open Watkins, but Petrovic caught the ball with no problem.

A few little passes from Palmer and Gallagher looked flashy but didn't end up being an issue for Villa. Chelsea looked desperate to get a goal, but Aston Villa defended well and was a threat whenever they had the ball. Again, Palmer had a huge chance to score for Chelsea, but he couldn't hit the ball properly.

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Djordje Petrovic had an insane second half as he made multiple saves to help Chelsea

Thiago Silva saved Chelsea in the 71st minute when he blocked a Luiz shot after a Villa corner. Petrovic saves Chelsea minutes later after a Watkins shot near the box. Villa was upping the pressure because a minute later, Matty Cash took a low shot on target that Petrovic kept out. Silva again denies Villa the opener after getting in front of Watkins, who could've scored a tap-in.

Villa had a few more shots near Chelsea's box but were not on target. Petrovic almost gave away a goal but kept his clean sheet after 94 minutes. Chelsea will play Aston Villa at Villa Park for a replay in the 4th round of the FA Cup.

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