Al Hilal's final decision with Neymar Jr after his controversy and his injury

By William Estrella

Al Hilal's final decision with Neymar Jr after his controversy and his injury

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Neymar Jr left Paris Saint-Germain a few months ago, heading to Al Hilal in Saudi Arabia, with the hope of making money and escaping the media hurricane in Europe. Being at the highest European level, it is a reality that Neymar Jr was an easy target for criticism, since his parties and his attitude did not help.

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A few weeks after arriving in Saudi Arabia, Neymar Jr suffered a painful and scandalous knee injury, while playing a match with the Brazilian national team for the 2026 World Cup qualifiers. An injury that will keep Ney off the playing field. for at least 8 months.

As he is one of the players who earns the most money in the world, Al Hilal decided to remove him from the team momentarily, among other things to avoid taking up a space in the squad unnecessarily. Now, after the strong controversy that occurred with Neymar Jr and his New Year's cruise party, being injured, Neymar Jr has returned to Saudi Arabia, and Al Hilal made a decision.

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Al Hilal's decision:

Al Hilal's position is clear and today they have made it known to everyone. After Neymar's return to Saudi Arabia, Al Hilal commented: "Welcome Neymar, our Brazilian Wizard King!", thus confirming that they are still excited about him, and that they will now wait for his recovery so that he can compete with the team again.

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