The millionaire amount that Porto will have to pay to sign Sergiño Dest

Porto could go for Sergio Dest for this amount of money

Porto could go for Sergio Dest for this amount of money

It is not a lie to anyone that the FC Barcelona team has struggled too much to find a right-back who can replace the loss that Brazilian right-back Dani Alves left for several years now and that is largely due to what time one of the best not only in the world but in history and it is a gap that can hardly be filled in the best way, and that is without a doubt.


For this very reason, Barça has tried to replicate the same effect that it had with the Brazilian with different players, but no matter how hard they have tried, they have not been able to find the one with the same quality in that part of the pitch and it is because of more than they have tried, they have not succeeded, although one of the players who most excited the fission of Spain was undoubtedly the case of the American right-back, Sergiño Dest.

However, no matter how much the American always tried to be the best on the field, his effort is really almost worthless because he has always overcome putting one on one and on offense, not his mother at all, so for many Spanish sports media Barcelona is already being considered for the sale of the player to another team because they would no longer have him for next season.


And one of the teams that would be most interested in signing the American is without a doubt the case of Porto from Portugal, but no matter how much interest they have, there is no doubt that it would not be an easy transaction due to the fact that the player is still Very young, he is international with his national team and for that reason it would have a somewhat high cost, which is why the only way we could have him if they pay this amount of money.

What they would pay for Dest

And it is that according to several European sports media it is said that the amount that the former Ajax player costs is close to 21 million euros, something that is not cheap and that the Portuguese should take into account in case I want to add it to his squad, which would not be unreasonable considering what a player is with a lot of experience who has gone through the best teams that play football the best, such as Ajax and Barcelona.

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