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Not for everyone, the social media critics received by Messi’s Super Bowl spot

By Mario Perez

Not for everyone, the social media critics received by Messi’s Super Bowl spot

The social media users slammed the commercial starred by the Argentine striker

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The halftime of the Super Bowl 2024 had a special intensity in comparison with the ones of the previous years, as the game facing Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers created an unusual tension in the scoreboard, but also because of the appearance of Lionel Messi in the spots passed on TV.

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The Argentine player is the main face of the spot of Michelob Ultra, which showed the icon’s spot in the halftime of the Super Bowl, and after watching the ad, the football fans went on the net to give their reaction to it through social media.

In this sense, it would be worth remembering that in Messi’s commercial the striker appeared with the NFL legend Dan Marino and the actors Ted Lasso and Jason Sudeikis. In it we can see the Argentine superstar playing football on the sand of Miami beach, which caused strong criticism from the football fans.

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What did the social media say about Messi’s Super Bowl commercial?

“It falls into all the traps of Super Bowl ads: celebrities barely touching the beer, great visuals without the beer”, said an user of X, while another said “Messi went to Miami and went back in time 40 years. Now he makes Michelob ads from 1988″. It seems really clear that the Argentine striker will always be loved, but his extra football activities could not follow the same sort.

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