Messi earns 14M for his commercial, what the NFL pays for winning the Superbowl

By William Estrella

Messi earns 14M for his commercial, what the NFL pays for winning the Superbowl

The difference between what Lionel Messi earns for the commercial, and what the athletes will earn for the Superbowl is abysmal!

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It is the most anticipated day for hundreds of thousands of people in the United States! The day of the Superbowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers has arrived! Today, it will finally be decided who is the best NFL team of 2023/2024, and the 49ers are a slight favorite in betting.

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As you already know, the Superbowl is not just an American football game, it goes much further than that, because it is American tradition and culture. Music, shows, TV commercials... everything is an experience that makes the event memorable.

Now, one of the most viral commercials is that of Lionel Messi with Michelob ultra, where he appears, for 60 seconds, playing soccer on the beach while waiting for his beer to arrive. The 60-second video represented a $14 million payment to Lionel Messi, just for appearing!

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How much do Superbowl winners earn compared to Messi?

Winning the Superbowl gives you much more than money, in fact, money is the least important thing, because the prestige of being able to be part of such a wonderful event and win it, is already worth more than money. Even so, there is an economic prize to win, but it is not high. The NFL pays 164 thousand dollars per player, no more, no less.

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