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RSL vs LA Galaxy: Marcelo Silva goal, Claret and Cobalt beat Chicharito and Douglas Costa

With a controversial disallowed goal and great performances by goalkeeper Zac MacMath, RSL won.

With a controversial disallowed goal and great performances by goalkeeper Zac MacMath, RSL won.

With a goal by Marcelo Silva, the Claret and Cobalt defeated Chicharito and Douglas Costa in the RSL vs LA Galaxy duel, with a great performance by Zac MacMath and his defense.

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Marcelo Silva's goal that changed everything

The duel was hard-fought, but in the end, in the 49th minute, Marcelo Silva scored the first goal of the match, with a powerful header thanks to a ball that reached the area.

His powerful shot left the Galaxy goalkeeper helpless, who was unable to prevent the goal that gave the Claret and Cobalt the lead. And although the LA Galaxy tried to get back into the game in the second half, they were unable to do so.

RSL beat Chicharito and Douglas Costa's Galaxy

Already out of regular time, Dejan Joveljic tied the match with a goal inside the box, with a powerful shot, however, the play had to be reviewed with the VAR, so the referee went to the screen.

And to the bad luck of the California team, the referee disallowed the goal, so the Claret and Cobalt beat the team of Chicharito and Douglas Costa, who were nullified by a great job by the defenders under the orders of goalkeeper Zac MacMath

Thus, Real Salt Lake takes the 3 points this weekend and remains in position 4 in the Western Conference, while the LA Galaxy is in position 3.

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