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Sergio Córdova out injured in LA Galaxy vs Real Salt Lake game, according to sources

The Venezuelan striker is successfully relaunching his career in Major League Soccer.

The Venezuelan striker is successfully relaunching his career in Major League Soccer.

Sergio Córdova, the player who came to MLS to relaunch his career, went out injured in the LA Galaxy vs Real Salt Lake match in Week 9 of the tournament, according to sources.

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While it has not been confirmed so far that the player is physically injured, U.S. media outlets said the player could be hurt.

Why is Sergio Córdova reportedly out injured in the LA Galaxy vs Real Salt Lake match?

According to reports from various media outlets in the United States, in the 43rd minute of the first half, the player left the game due to a possible injury, and Rubio Rubin came on in his place.

The player's exit occurred a couple of minutes after a strong tackle on Raveloson, for which he received a yellow card. However, the reason for his departure could also be to take precautions, so that the player would not be cautioned again and sent off.

So far, there has been no further information about the player's health, but those who were narrating the match in different North American media stated that the Venezuelan striker's departure was due to an injury, at least apparently. 

But whatever the reason for his departure, it is a fact that on this day his Venezuelan fans were hoping to see him play longer in the match since the player had come to Major League Soccer to relaunch his career.

Sergio Córdova, the player who came to relaunch his career in MLS

Since he arrived in MLS in February, Córdova had only one mission in mind: to relaunch his career, after a strong episode he experienced in 2021, when he admitted he was suffering from his mental health.

The player himself shared a message on his social networks in which he confessed that, at that time, his career was not on the right track, and that this was generating frustration and disappointment.

However, the player arrived with the Royals and began his improvement when he got the starting position and then scored his first goal with his new team, so everything seemed to be going well for the Venezuelan striker. But injuries struck.

Sergio Córdova: the blows and injuries

The first one occurred in the duel between his club and Toronto FC when Carlos Salcedo kicked him in the face, for which the Mexican player was sent off. 

On that occasion, there were no serious consequences, so Córdova returned to the starting lineup, and this afternoon, he thrilled his fans by starting the match against the mighty LA Galaxy.

With Chicharito and Douglas Costa upfront, the Galaxy was going to be an interesting test for the striker, but he could have suffered this injury, which would cost him the loss of his starting place at RSL again. 

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