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MLS 2022: Sebastian Ferreira could sign with Houston Dynamo to solve lack of goalscoring

If the transfer of the Uruguayan striker is completed, it will be the most expensive in the history of his club, Libertad. 

Could Ferreira be the solution to Dynamo's lack of goals?
Could Ferreira be the solution to Dynamo's lack of goals?

Yesterday, Insigne's arrival to Toronto FC was confirmed and today, it is strongly rumored that Sebastian Ferreira could arrive at Houston Dynamo to solve the lack of goals in the team

If the transfer is completed, it would be the most expensive in the history of the Paraguayan club Libertad, where the player currently plays. 

The purchase is a big event for the Uruguayan press that has not stopped following the possible transaction closely, which although it was kept secret for some time, it could not remain so for long. 

Rubén Di Tore, president of Club Libertad announced that it will be the most expensive sale in the club's history and declared: "Ferreira is the most important transfer in the history of Club Libertad, I can tell you that much", said the president.

How serious is the lack of goals at Houston Dynamo?

The Houston Dynamo scored in all of 2021 only 36 goals, the second worst mark in the league which is only surpassed by Austin FC, which scored 35. 

As an example, to enter the top 10 of teams with the most goals in all of Major League Soccer, the minimum last season was FC Dallas, which scored 47

And that's not to mention the first place in the tournament, which was the New England Revolution, who scored 67 goals.

So it is understandable that the Houston Dynamo are in such dire need of a goal scorer to help them out of the trouble they are in. 

Houston Dynamo's problem has logically affected their goal scoring percentage.

While the first place in this top is occupied by Vancouver Whitecaps with a 17 percent goal efficiency, the Dynamo have only a percentage of 11.5, which leaves them only 3 places behind the worst, Chicago Fire, with a percentage of 9.89.

Could Ferreira be the solution to Dynamo's lack of goals?

The answer will be known in time but at first glance it may be yes. And the Uruguayan striker's track record may give a clue as to his effectiveness. 

Ferreira began his career at Olimpia in Paraguay in 2016 and shortly after was given on loan to Independiente FBC.

That's where the star's eye for goal began to show, as he scored no less than 13 goals in 19 games for that team in 2018. Later that same year the player arrived in Liga MX. 

In that circuit he managed to score 16 goals in 52 games, where he ended up giving weight to his nickname: "Ferregol". 

And in 2020, the player returned to Paraguay to play for Libertad, where he scored 34 goals in 78 league and cup matches

Ferreira has also been an international with Paraguay's national soccer team, representing his nation in the Under 17, Under 20 and Under 23 categories, although he has not yet been called up to the senior national team

But based on his numbers, it seems that Ferreira is just what coach Paulo Nagamura's team needs to deliver on his promise to "save the team."  

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