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Xavi wanted to train him, it was the 10 of the Tri, but it ended because of alcohol

Meet the crack of the Mexican National Team that Xavi wanted to direct but that ended because of alcohol

Xavi Hernández
Xavi Hernández

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There are players who have great starts in their career, but then they lose their way. Sometimes we don't understand this, but they are common things that happen in football. This is due to a bad education and not being able to bear fame.

This is the story that we are going to tell you about a Mexican player, he had an incredible talent that led him to play in Europe, but his taste for alcohol and parties caused his career to be lost. Even Xavi himself wanted to train him but in the end this was not done.

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We are talking about Marco Fabian, in his great stage he was the 10th of the Mexican National Team and was in two World Cups. His talent led him to be the best player in Frankfurt at the time and one of the best players in the Bundesliga. But the constant injuries and his parties made him lose his level.

Marco Fabian surprised Xavi

Marco Fabián now plays for Mazatlán in Liga MX, but at the time he was a teammate of Xavi Hernández when he played in the Qatar League, even this figure wanted to train him, both faced each other in a match between Barcelona and Chivas, where the Mexican was the figure to score a great goal.

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