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Neither Lozano nor Jiménez, the player who sweated for El Tri and is worth it, according to Messi

There is only one player who did sweat the shirt for Lionel Messi and considers it a worthwhile element

Lionel Messi, Hirving Lozano and Raúl Jiménez
Lionel Messi, Hirving Lozano and Raúl Jiménez

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Hirving Lozano and Raúl Jiménez are not soccer players who have lived up to what the Mexican National Team needs, in important games they hide and leave other elements to take the lead, throughout the history of “El TRI” there have been figures who have been true leaders.

In that sense, Lionel Messi admires a soccer player who was in the Mexican National Team, who proved to be a true leader and therefore considers him one of the best in the history of Mexico.

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In an interview for Fox Sports Lionel Messi acknowledged his admiration for Jorge Campos, since he always liked to see him play with the Mexican National Team because of his great talent and charisma, that is why he sees him as one of the best goalkeepers that have existed.

Why does Lionel Messi admire Jorge Campos?

Lionel Messi was amazed by Jorge Campos in a friendly match that took place in Mexico City where several of the Argentinian's friends played against Mexican legends, in that match the real star was the retired goalkeeper when he saved several shots from "Lio"

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