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The player that will lose his place in Mexico National Team for Marcelo Flores to arrive at Qatar 2022

Flores has yet to debut in an official match.

The 18-year-old had his first call-up with Arsenal.
The 18-year-old had his first call-up with Arsenal.

Marcelo Flores has become one of the most followed Mexican players given the talent he’s displayed on the pitch. Whether it is when he’s playing for El Tri U-20 or for Arsenal U-23, Flores impress everyone who is watching him.

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His talent has earned him the opportunity of training regularly with the senior team of Arsenal and Mikel Arteta already gave him his first call-up for a Premier League match, and even if he didn’t have the chance to debut, it shows that the Spanish coach is considering him as part of his squad.

Flores also impressed the press during the U-20 Mexican national team tour in Uruguay, as all the Uruguayan journalists that attended the games praised his performance and even compared him to what Messi did when he was young.

But that hasn’t been enough for Gerardo “Tata” Martino, who is still unsure if Flores has what it takes to play in Qatar 2022 with El Tri, as he prefers to have more experienced players on his roster, although there’s still a way Flores could arrive at the World Cup.

The player that will give his place to Flores

After FIFA approved the expansion of the rosters from 23 to 26 players for Qatar 2022, people are wondering if Gerardo Martino will finally call Javier “Chicharito” Hernández, as he’s currently the best Mexican striker.

Hernández hasn’t played with El Tri since 2019, on a friendly match against USMNT that the Aztec squad won 3-0, with “Chicharito” scoring one of the goals. It’s unclear why he’s blacklisted, as neither Martino nor Yon de Luisa have been open about his absence.

And given that Marcelo Flores recently signed a contract with one of El Tri sponsors, it seems closer his debut with El Tri on an official match, than the return of “Chicharito”, and when the time comes, he could sneak in the roster on one of the three extra spots instead of Hernández, who will have to keep waiting for a new chance.

FMF wants to have Flores in Qatar

Given the spotlight that has been over Marcelo Flores recently, the Mexican Football Federation are not willing to waste the opportunity of monetizing his image, something that will happen for Qatar 2022 if the 18-year-old offensive midfielder debuts with Arsenal soon, as that will be the excuse needed to finally have him in El Tri’s roster as a regular.

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