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The demands of Javier “Chicharito” Hernández to return to Mexico National Team

The requirement from “Chicharito” to return to Mexico National Team where he hasn’t played since 2019.

Javier Hernandez smiles and puts his hands in the air while wearing the LA Galaxy jersey.
Javier Hernandez smiles and puts his hands in the air while wearing the LA Galaxy jersey.

Now that Mexico National Team knows who are going to be their rivals in the group stage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Gerardo “Tata” Martino has to decide which are the players that can benefit his playing style the most in order to compete in Qatar 2022.

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Martino has less than eight months to build the best possible roster to face Poland and Argentina, the rivals that will define if Mexico joins Brazil as the only national teams to play eight straight rounds of 16 in a World Cup or leaves once their game against Saudi Arabia is over.

That’s why Mexican followers and analyst have been wondering if he will call Javier “Chicharito” Hernández, who currently is the one of the Mexican strikers with the best scoring streak, alongside Carlos Vela.

“Chicharito” Hernández has scored four goals in six games on the 2022 MLS Season, showing that he didn’t lose his touch over the 4-month break that MLS has, as he scored 17 goals in the 21 games that he played last season for LA Galaxy.

Hernández is willing to return, but he’s demanding a leading role

Chicharito” hasn’t played with the Mexican national team since 2019, after pictures of some of the players, including him, partying after a game against US Soccer MNT were leaked to the press, something that didn’t sit well with Gerardo Martino.

According to reports from David Faitelson, the Galaxy striker already talked with the Argentine coach to apologize for the incident and told him that he was willing to return to play for the Aztec squad. What Martino wasn’t expecting was the demands Hernández had to make that happen.

Javier Hernández requested to have a protagonist role in El Tri, as he wants to be the captain of the Aztec squad now that he also is the captain of LA Galaxy. For that to happen, Martino would have to take the captaincy away from Andrés Guardado and Guillermo Ochoa, and earn their enmity, something he’s not willing to do.

Four players will have to leave El Tri for him to return

As if that wasn’t enough, “Chicharito” who has had problems with some of the players in the locker room, would ask to stop calling the two current captains of El Tri, alongside Héctor Herrera and Héctor Moreno, which is why Martino prefers to keep looking for a striker instead of kicking out some of his favorite players.

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