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The three players that will play for Mexico National Team in Qatar 2022 thanks to the sponsors

El Tri will face Poland, Argentina, and Saudi Arabia.

They are still in need for a striker.
They are still in need for a striker.

Mexico National Team will start their journey in the 2022 FIFA World Cup on November 22, when they face Poland in what will possibly be the game that will define which team will join Argentina in the round of 16.

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Gerardo “Tata” Martino has less than eight months to ensure that the roster he builds can compete against the three rivals they will face in the stage group of Qatar 2022, as he hasn’t found yet the best possible lineup.

The problems that El Tri showed during the CONCACAF Qualifiers are something that should worry the Argentine coach, as even if they weren’t decisive in the Qualifying games, given that the rivals of the confederation don’t mean a big threat for El Tri, they will end with their aspirationsin the World Cup unless he finds a way to solve them.

That’s why Martino is still looking for a striker that is having a good scoring streak, as the lack of goals is one of the biggest issues that the Mexican national team has been dealing with in the last year, as it seems difficult that the current ones will help El Tri if they don’t start scoring soon.

Sponsors have ensured a place in El Tri’s roster for these players

For now, it seems like the top 4 strikers for Gerardo Martino are Raúl Jiménez, Rogelio Funes Mori, Henry Martín and Santiago Giménez. But only two of them seem to have what it takes to be of help to the Aztec squad when the moment comes.

No one understands why Martino keeps calling Henry Martín, as the Club América striker hasn’t been of help for neither El Tri nor Club América, but given that he’s backed up by Televisa, his call-up to the Mexican team is guaranteed.

Alongside Henry Martín, Jesús Gallardo is other player that has ensured his spot in Mexico National Team, whether it is for sponsors or just because Gerardo Martino really likes him, as the Monterrey defender isn’t even a starter in his own club.

Lainez will be part of El Tri just because he plays in Europe

Gerardo Martino doesn’t care that Diego Lainez has played less than 5 percent of the minutes of the current season with Real Betis, as the fact that he plays in Europe is enough for him to keep Lainez on El Tri’s roster, especially since he is one of the favorite players of Televisa.

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