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The player that wants Javier Hernández back in Mexico National Team even if Ochoa doesn’t want him

Ochoa is one of the players that don’t want to have Hernández back.

“Chicharito” hasn’t played with El Tri since 2019.
“Chicharito” hasn’t played with El Tri since 2019.

Now that Mexico National Team knows who are the teams that they are going to face in the group stage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, they'll have the upcoming months to solve the problems that prevented them from becoming the first place of the CONCACAF Qualifiers.

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For now, it seems that only the defensive side of the team is the only part that's not a problem for the Aztec squad, as Guillermo Ochoa has showed that he can still play at a high level and Gerardo Arteaga, Johan Vásquez, César Montes and Jorge Sánchez have given the stability needed to avoid any major issues.

But from midfield up, Gerardo "Tata" Martino has yet to find the best fit for his system and the demands of current soccer, as neither Andrés Guardado nor Héctor Herrera have been able to stand out, as they look slow and out of ideas when they wear El Tri's colors.

And the same thing can be said about the attackers, as they haven't been able to score on a regular basis, something that's worrying not only Gerardo Martino but also FMF and some of the players, who are now asking for Javier “Chicharito” Hernández return, as he's been on a scoring-streak lately.

Who wants to have "Chicharito" back?

According to reports, in El Tri's camp know that they need a striker that can help them leave the scoreless streak that has been hurting their chances of improving their performances, especially if they want to be able to compete against Argentina and Poland in the World Cup.

That's why Héctor Moreno knows that "Chicharito" is needed in the Aztec squad, even if some of El Tri leaders are against his call-up. So far, Javier Hernández has scored four goals in six games of the 2022 MLS Season, continuing with the good streak he had last year, where he scored 17 goals in 21 games.

Moreno stood up against Guillermo Ochoa, who is one of the main responsible for the veto imposed to the LA Galaxy striker, as he knows that having "Chicharito" would mean a sporting improvement, something that all of the players should be looking to, instead of focusing on old problems that haven't been of help to Mexican soccer.

Why doesn't Ochoa want "Chicharito" in El Tri?

The problem with Javier Hernández not only has to do with the discussion he had during Russia 2018 for the prizes awarded by FMF, but also because of the pictures that were leaked in NY, where the players were caught in a party during El Tri’s camp.

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