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Televisa uncovered how it protected Ochoa and prevented Vela from dancing with him

They reveal how Televisa was the factor that influenced Guillermo Ochoa not to play and not to be humiliated by Carlos Vela. 

Ochoa was protected against LAFC
Ochoa was protected against LAFC

Within the Mexican national team there are several external factors that directly affect the team's performance. Televisa is one of the media that has a direct influence in protecting players who are its products, and therefore tends to take care of them.

Guillermo Ochoa, being one of the Mexican team's media magnets, is the TV company's favorite, all for attracting different sponsors. In this sense, journalist David Faitelson explained why Ochoa did not play and faced Carlos Vela.

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He exposed the truths of Tri and Azcárraga, he would be gone forever for exposing them.

According to Faitelson, the issue is that Carlos Vela could show Guillermo Ochoa's shortcomings and this would affect his image and his starting position for Qatar 2022. That is why within Mexico's national team, problems are the order of the day.

Why is Televisa protecting Ochoa?

The issue is because there are sponsors that pay up to 20 million pesos, that is why, seeing that Carlos Vela is an element that can show the shortcomings of America's goalkeeper, they preferred not to show him.


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