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This group, which owns two other teams in Mexico, will take the reins of Querétaro

With the decision taken by Liga MX and FMF not to disaffiliate Gallos Blancos, but to disaffiliate its board of directors, we tell you about the future and the next owners of the team. 

Grupo Caliente will once again take the reins of Club Querétaro.
Grupo Caliente will once again take the reins of Club Querétaro.

The Assembly of Owners of Liga MX determined after the extraordinary meeting following last Saturday's violence at La Corregidora Stadium that the company Solaz Deportes y Entretenimiento, which owns Club Querétaro, will once again become part of Grupo Caliente. 

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One of the resolutions of the Assembly was to veto for five years from any activity the group of members who were paying Grupo Caliente in different installments, which is made up of Gabriel Solares, Greg Taylor, Adolfo Ríos, and Manuel Velarde. The four directors will not be able to have anything to do with Mexican soccer for the next five years, as they were found guilty of the violent events at La Corregidora Stadium. 

Why didn't they disaffiliate Querétaro? 

In a press conference, the president of Liga MX, Mikel Arriola, clearly explained that they did not approve the disaffiliation of Cub Querétaro because this would have implied that "the just would pay for the sinners", directly affecting the players for an issue unrelated to them and the true Querétaro fans, because of some misfits.  

"Today the Veracruz issue is still not resolved, there are still players waiting to be paid. We do not want to make the players pay. The responsibility lies with the board of directors and we punish the board, that is why we are taking these measures and not disaffiliation," mentioned the director. 

Grupo Caliente, with one year to sell 

Upon returning the administration of Club Querétaro to Grupo Caliente, which also owns Xolos de Tijuana and Dorados de Sinaloa, the Assembly determined that it has until 2022 to find a new owner. In the event that they do not find an owner to take over the franchise, Liga MX will absorb the administration and determine what the future of the franchise will be. 

Penalties for Querétaro for violence 

Yon de Luisa, president of the Mexican Soccer Federation, revealed two of the punishments imposed on Gallos Blancos after last weekend's repudiatory acts of violence in the match against Atlas, affecting the team's location in the city and removing the current administration. 

In accordance with Article 47 of the Competition Regulations, Club Gallos Blancos will forfeit the match 0-3. Sanction of one year playing all home matches behind closed doors, regardless of the venue," said De Luisa. 

Gabriel Solares, president of Club Querétaro, is immediately disaffiliated. He had been at the helm of the board for a couple of years and leased the club to Grupo Caliente, who will now return to manage Club Querétaro.

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