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This Chivas player will be benched after a disagreement with Marcelo Michel Leaño

Chivas coach decided he won't play until he accepts his mistakes.

He already has a substitute on the starting XI.
He already has a substitute on the starting XI.

Chivas surprised everyone after the 3-0 victory over Mazatlán for the first round of Clausura 2022, but even after solving a lot of questions fans and analysts had about the team’s performance for the second leg 2021-22 Liga MX Season, they don’t seem to be able to have a quiet week.

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Marcelo Michel Leaño is not happy about this players behavior outside the pitches, as he’s trying to impose a discipline level for the whole squad that won’t work with the offensive midfielder lifestyle, which is why he decided to bench him until further notice.

The thing that made him mad is the podcast and YouTube channel Jesús “Canelo” Angulo has, in which he tells anecdotes and stories along his teammates of stuff that happens during training, and as they prepare to face a match, something that Michel Leaño doesn’t like, as he prefers that his players only talk about Chivas in official press conferences.

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Who could be Angulo’s substitute next match?

According to reports, the lone addition for Chivas this offseason, Roberto “Piojo” Alvarado will be available to dispute the match against Pachuca, which could be his first official match as a Chivas player, although during preseason he already wore El Rebaño colors and even scored his first goal.

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