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The first player that will leave Cruz Azul if Ricardo Ferretti replaces Juan Reynoso

Ordiales is looking to part ways with Reynoso.

Ricardo Ferretti will become a free agent after Clausura 2022 ends.
Ricardo Ferretti will become a free agent after Clausura 2022 ends.

The irregular results that Cruz Azul have had in the last part of Clausura 2022 have Jaime Ordiales, La Máquina’s sporting director, looking for a replacement for Juan Reynoso, as he’s been looking to part ways with him since he returned to Los Cementeros.

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Cruz Azul already found Juan Reynoso’s replacement prior to the game against Club América

Before Ordiales arrival, Cruz Azul were one of the top contenders for Clausura 2022, as they were battling to be in the top three of the table, but since the sixth round, La Máquina’s performances have slowly diminished.

Although the enmity between Ordiales and Reynoso are not the only thing that has made Cruz Azul jeopardize the ticket do access Liguilladirectly as they fell to the sixth place in Clausura 2022 on the last couple of games, but also the tight schedule and the injuries have diminished the team.

Two of the biggest absences that Cruz Azul currently have are José de Jesús Corona, who doesn’t have a date to return to the pitches after getting injured during the warm-ups on their visit to CF Montréal, and Carlos “Charly” Rodríguez, who is out for the season.

Ferretti could replace Reynoso for Apertura 2022

All of the above have made Juan Reynoso’s future in Cruz Azul doubtful, especially since reports suggest that Jaime Ordiales is already looking for a replacement for the Peruvian coach as soon as La Máquina ends their participation in Clausura 2022.

Ricardo “Tuca” Ferretti has become one of the latest names been linked to Los Cementeros, as he will become a free agent given that he won’t renew his contract with FC Juárez, team that will end at the bottom of the table thanks to the three only victories they had in the season.

Ferretti is looking to clean his name after a failed experiment with Bravos, which is why he’s willing to arrive at Cruz Azul, although not all of the players in La Máquina are thrilled of having him as their coach, and one of them will be looking to leave if “Tuca” ends up arriving.

Who is the player that will leave Cruz Azul?

If Ricardo Ferretti becomes La Máquina’s next coach, “Chuy” Corona will be asking for his release, as he doesn’t like “El Tuca”. His enmity started on a game between Tigres and Cruz Azul, when André-Pierre Gignac clashed with Corona. La Máquina goalkeeper faced the French striker and Ricardo Ferretti intervened to defend his player, not only on the pitch but also after the game, where he said that Corona’s reaction was exaggerated.

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