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The first player that will leave Chivas after the aggression of El Rebaño’s followers

Chivas have won only three games in Clausura 2022.

If the season ended today, they’d be out of the playoffs.
If the season ended today, they’d be out of the playoffs.

It took most of Clausura 2022 for Amaury Vergara to realize something that everyone else had already noticed: that keeping Marcelo Michel Leaño as Chivas coach was unsustainable given the poor results he had since he arrived at El Rebaño.

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Chivas will face Cruz Azul on Saturday night on a game that will be a dangerous one, as Chivas are going through one of their biggest crises in recent years and Cruz Azul needs to demonstrate that they can still save the season after being eliminated from the CONCACAF Champions League.

The poor results that El Rebaño has had in Clausura 2022, added to the weak performances that they’ve had for a while, as they didn’t have a clear plan to follow throughout the 90 minutes and neither have a solid long-term project, made Chivas followers infuriated.

That exasperation translated in aggressions on Friday night, when part of one of Chivas’ Barra arrived at their hotel to recriminate the lack of efforts and passiveness that the players show game after game. Some of the players tried to calm them down, but at least one of them already decided to leave Chivas.

Who is the player that will leave El Rebaño?

Given the threats Chivas players have received in recent hours, some of El Rebaño players are considering leaving Guadalajara once the season is over, including Raul Gudiño, who is on the last months of his contract.

Gudiño had been flirting with the idea of leaving Chivas at the end of Clausura 2022, especially after Michel Leaño benched him in an act of pressuring him into agreeing to renew his contract with El Rebaño Sagrado.

But now that he realized that his safety is jeopardized, Gudiño took the decision of leaving Chivas at the end of the season, especially since he already received offers from a few MLS teams and that he knows is in the radar of some European teams.

Michel Leaño’s numbers as Chivas coach

Marcelo Michel Leaño coached Chivas for 22 games since taking over the team during Apertura 2021. In that span of time, El Rebaño Sagrado only won five games -three of them in the current season-; they tied on 9 occasions and lost the remainder nine.

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