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The requests of Andrés Lillini to arrive at Chivas

He’s not planning on renewing with Pumas.

By Jose Castro

He’s not planning on renewing with Pumas.
He’s not planning on renewing with Pumas.
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Amaury Vergara finally understood that if he wanted Chivas to succeed in Liga MX, the first thing he had to do was to part ways with Marcelo Michel Leaño, as the Mexican coach was not prepared to be in front of a team as important as El Rebaño Sagrado.

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After the 3-1 defeat against CF Monterrey for the last pending game of the season, Vergara decided that they couldn’t wait longer and sacked the Mexican coach with just four games left on the season, as Michel Leaño’s results currently have them out of Liguilla.

Now, El Rebaño Sagrado will have Ricardo Cadena on their dugout, as the former CD Tapatío coach was promoted as the interim coach of Chivas for the remainder of the season, hoping that he helps them return to the spots that give a ticket to Repechaje.

But Amaury Vergara knows that if he wants to return Chivas to the front pages of Liga MX, they will have to make a lot more changes, not only in the roster, but also in the academy teams and even the coaching staff, which is why he already is pursuing the signing of Andrés Lillini.


Lillini’s requests to arrive at Chivas

Andrés Lillini has proven to be one of the coaches best fitted to be in Liga MX, as he arrived as an interim coach with Pumas just days before Apertura 2020 started, given that Míchel Gonzalez left suddenly.

Since then, he’s coached 83 games with 30 of them as victories, including the victory over Cruz Azul in the semifinals of the CONCACAF Champions League that gave them the ticket to the final of the international tournament.

Lillini’s contract with Pumas will end this year, and even if the release clause is affordable for a team like Chivas, the Argentine coach has asked Amaury Vergara to pause the negotiations until after the CCL ends, as he doesn’t want to leave Pumas before winning a title.


Will he accept leaving Pumas?

If Pumas ends up winning the CONCACAF Champions League against MLS side Seattle Sounders, Lillini’s priority will be to renew with Pumas for at least another season, as he’d want to play the FIFA Club World Cup with Los Universitarios, but if they lose, then he’d join El Rebaño.

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