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Matías Almeyda wants to return to Chivas, but he’s requesting to acquire a top striker

Chivas have won only 3 games in Clausura 2022.

Michel Leaño was sacked during the week.
Michel Leaño was sacked during the week.

After 13 rounds of Clausura 2022 where Chivas was left out of the Repechaje zone, Amaury Vergara finally understood that the decision of keeping Marcelo Michel Leaño as El Rebaño’s coach was unsustainable.

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The 3-1 defeat at home against CF Monterrey was the straw that broke the camel’s back and marked the end of Michel Leaño’s stint in Chivas, a stint that only lasted for 22 games, from which he won just five, three of them in the current season.

El Rebaño currently stands 15 and will face Cruz Azul in Estadio Azteca for the game of round 14, although this time they will have Ricardo Cadena as their coach, position that he will hold until the end of the season.

Amaury Vergara is already in conversations to sign a new coach that can return El Rebaño Sagrado to the front pages of Liga MX, and the favorite coach to assume the challenge is Matías Almeyda, who gave Chivas their last title, but he’s requesting improving some things in Verde Valle before arriving.

What are Almeyda’s requests?

Almeyda has never hidden his affection for Mexican soccer and Chivas in particular and has even said that he’d love to return to El Rebaño one day and even stay in Mexico to live, something that can happen sooner than expected.

“El Pelado” follows closely what happens in Liga MX, which is why he’s aware of what Chivas is lacking. He is open to return to El Rebaño but for that to happen, he knows he’s asking to have a new striker in Chivas, as they’ve been lacking someone that can score with regularity.

Given that he knows him from San Jose Earthquakes, Almeyda’s only request is to have Eduardo “Chofis” López back in Chivas, as he knows of his talent and that with the right teammates, he could become that striker that El Rebaño Sagrado needs.

How much will it cost for Chivas to sign them both?

If they wanted, Chivas could sign the two of them for free. During an interview with ESPN, Almeyda confessed that even if he’s under contract until the end of the year, he’s able to leave the Quakes whenever he wants at no cost. “Chofis” López is on a loan, as his economic rights still belong to them.

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