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The Chivas player that put Alexis Vega on his place after getting sent off against Cruz Azul

Alexis Vega won’t play against Tijuana.

He’s been involved in a few incidents like the one with Ignacio Rivero.
He’s been involved in a few incidents like the one with Ignacio Rivero.

On the first game that Chivas didn’t have Marcelo Michel Leaño on their dugout, El Rebaño Sagrado was able to beat Cruz Azul by the minimum thanks to the goal scored by Cristian “Chicote” Calderón, who seems to like playing in Estadio Azteca, as he’s scored five of his 16 goals there.

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Chivas showed a different face from what they used to play with Michel Leaño, who couldn’t establish a solid project during the 22 games he was in front of El Rebaño, hence the poor results he gathered in the six months he was on charge.

But even if the victory was a fresh breath of air for El Rebaño, Ricardo Cadena, Chivas interim coach for the remainder of the season, knows that there’s still a lot of work to do if he wants to have Chivas on the playoffs.

Part of that work has to do with the discipline, as Chivas has finished five games with 10 men, including the game against Cruz Azul thanks to the red card that Alexis Vega received after choking Ignacio Rivero after the Cruz Azul left-back fouled him.

His teammates were unhappy with his reaction

During the TV transmission, when several players run towards them to break the fight, only Isaac Brizuela scolded Alexis Vega for his behavior, as he left Chivas in a disadvantage that could have costed them the game once again.

Luckily for them, El Rebaño was able to close the game and defend the advantage until the end, winning their first game of the last five that they’ve played, but Vega will miss be a huge absence for Chivas at least for one game, against Tijuana, as he’s one of their best players.

According to reports from TUDN, after the game, “Conejito” Brizuela and Jesús “Chapito” Sánchez had a conversation with the 24-year-old left-winger, where they tried to calm him down but also scolded him for losing his head like that.

Is not the first time that Rivero fouled him like that

According to several reports, Alexis Vega reacted that way given that Ignacio Rivero injured him once before on a similar play to the one that happened on Saturday night. Vega got injured during a friendly game between El Tri U-23 and Cruz Azul back in 2020.

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