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Paul Arriola´s salary, will it be the highest in Club America?

The transfer of the player who currently plays for DC United is almost a done deal according to Mexican media. 

If the player's transfer is finalized, he would be the most recent reinforcement of the club.
If the player's transfer is finalized, he would be the most recent reinforcement of the club.

The possible arrival of Paul Arriola to Liga MX to play for Club America seems almost a fact, but what everyone wants to know now is if the player's salary will be the highest in the squad

And this question has all the validity since the DC United winger is currently playing in MLS and if this league has distinguished itself for something, it is for the high salaries they manage

It is still fresh the amount that Lorenzo Insigne will earn with Toronto FC, which will be more than 12 million dollars per season, plus his bonuses which results in a total of 15 million dollars. 

Therefore, the question of whether Arriola's salary will be the highest in the Aguilas deserves an answer

How much will Paul Arriola earn with Club America?

Currently, the player, who plays for DC United, earns a salary of more than 688 thousand dollars per season, which is a considerable salary for Liga MX teams. 

However, Club America, like Tigres, is one of the few teams in the Mexican championship that can pay very high salaries for their players

Therefore, it is normal to think that the Aguilas will have no problem matching the player's current salary with the Black and Red.

Although the transfer has not yet been confirmed, Mexican media have already confirmed that the deal is just a few hours away, which would corroborate that the Coapa club can pay the player's salary.

Will Paul Arriola's salary be the highest at Club America?

The answer is no, as the club's squad has one of the most expensive payrolls in Liga MX and that can be seen when a list of its highest-paid players is made. 

And in this list, Arriola's salary, if his arrival is confirmed, would not even compete among the club's highest-paid

The Twitter account of user @JuanPerezZu showed the salary figures of Club America's players. Specifically, the account showed how much the players earn per week. 

The highest-paid player is Guillermo Ochoa, who earns 88 thousand dollars a week, followed by Bruno Valdés, who earns 27 thousand dollars. Behind them is Emanuel Aguilera with 20 thousand dollars a week

So, no, Paul Arriola's salary would not be one of the highest in the squad, since there are players who earn much, much higher amounts than what the player could earn if his transfer were to materialize. 

Paul Arriola would be Club America's latest reinforcement

If the player's transfer is finalized, he would be the most recent reinforcement of the club that has always distinguished itself from other Liga MX teams by filling the front pages of Mexican newspapers with news of its signings. 

For the current tournament, the club has only confirmed Jonathan dos Santos, who was left as a free agent after renewing his contract with the Galaxy and reached an agreement with the Aguilas. 

Another confirmed reinforcement is Mauro Lainez, Diego's older brother was already in the squad, but the Coapa team is about to make the definitive purchase of the attacker official. 

And the last reinforcement confirmed by the club is Diego Valdés, a midfielder coming from Santos, a team that looks like the basic forces of Club America due to the number of players the Aguilas have recruited from there. 

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