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"No one watches it": Javier Aguirre says MLS is more followed in Europe than Liga MX

In an interview for a sports channel, "Vasco" said that Mexican soccer is not well promoted on the other side of the ocean. 

The "Vasco" made these controversial statements in an interview for the TUDN channel.
The "Vasco" made these controversial statements in an interview for the TUDN channel.

What a controversy Javier Aguirre, current coach of Rayados de Monterrey, has just ignited, who in a recent interview said that in Europe they follow MLS more than Liga MX

The "Vasco" made these controversial statements in an interview for the TUDN channel.

He stated that after his time as a coach in Europe, he realized that Major League Soccer is much more followed than the Mexican Primera Division.

The coach even stated that in Spain, for example, they do not know the Liga MX coaches and cited an example in which Spanish sports program hosts were unable to identify Miguel Herrera. 

The coach has been involved in controversy recently, especially over the issue of Charly Rodriguez, a player who did not want to leave Monterrey to go to Cruz Azul. 

According to sources close to the club, the coach told the player that if he stayed with the team he would not be a starter, which is why the player agreed to leave the team. 

What did Javier Aguirre say about MLS and Liga MX?

Aguirre said in the interview: "After 12 seasons in Spain, I would sadly say that we do not promote ourselves well, nobody watches Mexican soccer, there are platforms and there is history, soccer people do, but the average fan does not see it". 

The Monterrey coach affirmed that it is even easier for fans in Egypt or Paris to identify the Copa Libertadores more quickly than the Mexican tournament.

"MLS, easier being there, living there, watching an MLS match, in Egypt and Paris or Copa Libertadores, Brazil or Argentina and Mexico every week there was a summary, not Mexico of the Concacaf," he said.

With experience in the management of several Spanish teams such as Osasuna, Atlético de Madrid, Zaragoza, Espanyol and Leganés, Aguirre described something to illustrate this situation.

He gave as an example when on a well-known television program dedicated to soccer, the commentators did not know who Miguel Herrera was. 

"They don't know us. I remember in El Chiringuito the name of Miguel Herrera came up for Betis, one of the talk show hosts threw out the name of Miguel Herrera, one of the best Mexican coaches in history, who did a great World Cup and who has won many things in Mexico, the very famous 'Piojo', Miguel Herrera and they tell you 'I don't know who he is. We are doing something wrong," said "Vasco". 

What happened to Monterrey last season?

Los Rayados are a team that has been dominant in Liga MX for several years, but last season they were eliminated by Atlas, and were unable to advance past the quarterfinals. 

According to Récord journalist Rubén Rodríguez, the Nuevo León team invested close to 18 million dollars in five reinforcements requested by Aguirre.

But this investment was not reflected in the results obtained by the team. 

On this topic, the trainer said in the interview

"My team with bigger rivals or in finals or semifinals, yes they play more concentrated, they play closer, we play together and they play better, it's not underestimating rivals, maybe we lacked that little bit of motivation, we lacked that little bit of training, preparing the match better.

The coach also stated that injuries have reduced his team's effectiveness. 

"It's also true, we were hampered by injuries, we came from national teams that were tremendously bad in terms of fatigue and injuries. We have a chance to vindicate ourselves and we are going to do it," he said. 

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