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Liga MX 2022 rumors: Javier Chicharito Hernandez could leave MLS and Return to Chivas

A sportswear brand is willing to pay part of the athlete's salary as it did with Oribe Peralta. 

a clothing brand that sponsors the red and white team would be willing to pay part of the Chicharito's salary
a clothing brand that sponsors the red and white team would be willing to pay part of the Chicharito's salary

The transfers continue in Mexican soccer and one of the Liga MX 2022 rumors that have attracted the most attention is that Javier Chicharito Hernandez could leave MLS and return to Chivas

If Hernandez Balcazar's return to Aztec soccer is confirmed, this would be the signing bomb of the year; and not only that, Club Deportivo Guadalajara could also repatriate Rodolfo Pizarro. 

And while the possibility of Pizarro is more complicated because Chivas is fighting with Monterrey for the player, the return of Chicharito would be more likely. 

This is because a clothing brand that sponsors the red and white team would be willing to pay part of the player's salary, as it did in the past with Oribe Peralta

The information was released in Mexico by the newspaper El Universal and according to the media, this possibility is being analyzed by the brand and the club, which would mean that the player would leave his MLS team, the LA Galaxy. 

Which clothing brand is willing to pay for Chicharito's return to Chivas?

The brand that is willing to pay part of the salary that the player would collect is Puma, as it has done so previously with the salary of "Cepillo" Peralta. 

This happened in Peralta's last season with Guadalajara, where the player earned a salary of approximately $1,379,554 dollars. 

Although the exact amount that Puma contributed to the player's salary is unknown, it is very possible that the brand will repeat the operation with Hernandez. 

What is Chicharito's salary in MLS?

According to information from the MLS Players Association, the player receives $6 million per year as a base salary, at least until 2021. 

So if Chivas' sponsoring brand wants Javier Hernandez in Guadalajara, it would have to pay a portion of that amount to see Chicharito in action in Liga MX 2022. 

What would the sponsor gain by paying for Chicharito's arrival in Mexican soccer? 

If Hernandez returns to Mexican soccer, sales of his jerseys would surely skyrocket and that is where Puma could take advantage of the player's return

Until last year, Javier Hernandez was second only to Carlos Vela in MLS jersey sales. 

This was followed by Rodolfo Pizarro, Alan Pulido and Jonathan Dos Santos. And to this factor of Chicharito's popularity, the popularity of the Guadalajara team would also be added. 

For example, from August 2018 to August 2019, Chivas sold 1,590,000 shirts, ranking second in Mexican soccer. 

The first place is held by Club America, which by bringing to its team renowned foreign and Mexican reinforcements, managed to sell in that same period 1 million, 717 thousand shirts. 

For this reason, the brand is willing to pay part of the salary of the Chivas idol, should he return to play for the club where he was born as a professional. 

What would be the impediment to bringing back Javier Hernandez?

Although so far neither the player nor the team has confirmed or denied this possibility, the obstacle could be the bad experience with Oribe Peralta

The same brand was directly involved in bringing America's "Cepillo" to Chivas in the hope of boosting jersey sales. 

In the end, the deal did not work out, as Peralta barely scored 2 goals during his time at Chivas, which meant that the investment did not pay off for the sponsor. 

However, according to the information released, the company would be willing to participate in the operation by paying only part of the player's salary. 

Is it possible that Chicharito will return to Chivas for the Clausura 2022?

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