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Liga MX 2022: Pumas UNAM confirms that Marco García suffered a fractured fibula

It will be until tomorrow when it will be confirmed if the Auriazul player will undergo surgery.

By Wilian Estrella

It will be until tomorrow when it will be confirmed if the Auriazul player will undergo surgery.
It will be until tomorrow when it will be confirmed if the Auriazul player will undergo surgery.
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Pumas UNAM confirmed through a press release that player Marco García suffered a fractured fibula in the match played against Queretaro in Round 2 of the Liga MX 2022.

The news was released through a medical report that was published on the Universitario team's social networks. It confirms that the player suffered this type of fracture and that he will be evaluated by UNAM's medical staff. 

The fracture suffered by the player was one of the two pieces of bad news that the club gave to its fans after beating Gallos Blancos.

The other piece of bad news was the expulsion of Alan Mozo for a foul so controversial that the Universitario team itself has confirmed that it will try to appeal the decision. 

This is not the first serious injury in Marco García's career

Unfortunately for the player, this is not the first time he has suffered a major injury while playing soccer.

The injury he suffered in 2020 is still fresh in his memory, when he tore the ligament in his left knee, an injury for which he underwent surgery and was eventually sidelined for months.

In fact, it was not until he started to recover that he was called up to Pumas Tabasco, to later join the first team, where from the last tournament he managed to get more minutes and become an important player for the team.

The player's injury has worried all the Auriazul fans and for this reason, Andrés Lillini himself had to report on the player's condition at the end of the match against Querétaro. 

"It was a very eventful match, where we had to make up for mistakes by accommodating players who were not in his position, but that's all there was to it. The thing about Marco is that he has to be taken to Mexico City for x-rays, at first sight it is a bone injury and we hope his recovery is quick.... The outlook is not very favorable and the group regrets it", were the words of Andrés Lillini. 

How long could Marco Garcia be away from the courts?

According to specialized websites, this type of injury can heal in two to three months, but UNAM's medical staff has yet to make a more formal diagnosis. 

And if the player undergoes surgery, the recovery time could increase, which would mean that García would miss the rest of the 2022 Liga MX season, which would be a shame for a player who has shown that he is hungry for goals. 

After learning of his preliminary diagnosis, the "Enano" sent a message to the Pumas UNAM fans, who have been keeping an eye on reports of his health condition. 

"It is difficult to understand why things happen, I am very grateful for all the love and support that the fans and my loved ones have shown me, the commitment is with all of you that I will overcome another test. Gooool hug. With love: El Enano," was García's message to the Auriazul fans.

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