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Marco García injury and Alan Mozo ejection overshadow Pumas UNAM Liga MX 2022 win over Queretaro

The Universitarios remain at the top of the overall table but paid a very high cost.

Pumas UNAM paid a very high price to remain at the top of the Liga MX 2022 general table.
Pumas UNAM paid a very high price to remain at the top of the Liga MX 2022 general table.

Marco García's injury and Alan Mozo's dismissal overshadowed Pumas UNAM's win over Querétaro in Liga MX 2022, in which the Auriazules retained their lead in the overall standings. 

Both incidents occurred last night in a match that ended 3-1 in favor of the university team, which remains on a winning streak in the tournament but suffered two notable losses last night. 

Despite the complicated panorama that the injury and expulsion of their two players leave the Pumas UNAM team, the Auriazules can be happy that in their first two games, the team has shown that it can fight for the title

And they have proven it with games like last night's, in which Leonel López González, Marco García, and José Rogério scored tremendous goals in the 16th, 45th, and 68th minutes of the match. 

For the Gallos Blancos, Ángel Sepúlveda scored a goal in the 4th minute of the match that made everyone think that the Auriazul magic was over. 

But it only took about 8 minutes for Pumas UNAM to equalize, and just before the end of the first half, the Universitarios made a spectacular comeback and ended up winning the game.

But they paid a very high price to remain at the top of the Liga MX 2022 general table. 

Marco Garcia's injury

In the second half of the match, the UNAM-trained player disputed a ball and when he swept the ball, his leg hit the grass, which caused an injury that at the beginning did not seem so serious

The player tried to stay on the field for a few more minutes but in the end, the pain was too severe and he had to ask to be substituted

When the player went to the bench, he could not hide his tears when he heard the doctors talking about his situation, however, it will not be until the course of the week that he will be informed about his situation.

A very bad way to end the match for the player who scored a great goal that gave the victory to his team.  

Alan Mozo's expulsion

The club's other loss was that of Mozo when in the 64th minute of the match he was sent off after a foul on Jorge "Burrito" Hernández

Although the foul warranted a yellow card, the referee relied on the VAR and simply sent the player off, in what was the most controversial moment of the match

However, according to the Mexican press, the Pumas board of directors will seek to appeal the red card issued to their fullback and, therefore, remove the match penalty that would correspond to him

So far, Pumas UNAM has accumulated six points and, based on goal difference, is the tournament leader through Round 2

Pumas UNAM's next match will be against Tigres, one of the most dominant teams in Liga MX, so the team will have to fine-tune its game plan if it wants to continue its winning ways. 

Above all, they will have to deal with the absence of García and the punishment of Mozo, players whose absence will be sensitive for the team.

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