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Cruz Azul vs Necaxa live: lineups, scores and, will La Máquina "cruzazulear" again?

Don't miss the most complete, minute-by-minute coverage of this duel that will kick off today at 18:45 ET, 17:45 CT.

Uriel Antuna and Milton Giménez will clash this afternoon in the duel between Cementeros and Rayos.
Uriel Antuna and Milton Giménez will clash this afternoon in the duel between Cementeros and Rayos.

Today the Liga MX 2022 playoff will begin with the Cruz Azul vs Necaxa duel, for which we will have the live lineups, the score, and the question: Will La Máquina "cruzazulear" again?

More news about Cruz Azul:

Cruz Azul will part ways with Juan Reynoso and his replacement will arrive from Europe

The word "cruzazulear" refers to arriving at an important soccer match and having every opportunity to win the game and lose it.

This word was popularized by the Cementeros' rivals and was used to characterize the club as one that always made it to the finals, only to lose them in epic fashion, although their latest title has helped them shed some of that stigma.

However, with the recent results that Juán Reynoso's team achieved in the tournament, anything can happen. And while the club is in good shape for their match against the Rayos, they have some important absentees that could weigh on the game.

The team will be without goalkeeper José de Jesús Corona, who is still recovering from injury, as well as Pablo Aguilar and, of course, Charly Rodríguez

On the other side comes Jaime Lozano's Necaxa, which has become one of the surprises of the tournament, and is on a roll since at the end of the championship the team had 4 victories in a row.

Their striker Rodrigo Aguirre is also on a scoring streak and has shown the other teams in the tournament that the Rayos has what it takes to compete with everyone. 

Will Cruz Azul "cruzazulear" again and give Necaxa the pass to the Liguilla, or will La Máquina manage to break that curse again? Find out the answer today at 18:45 ET, and 17:45 CT with our coverage of the match.

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More news about Necaxa:

In addition to Mezut Ozil, which other celebrities own Necaxa?

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