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Club Querétaro will be replaced in Liga MX next season by this club

The team must be sold before 2022 ends.

By Jose Castro

The team must be sold before 2022 ends.
The team must be sold before 2022 ends.
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After the brawl that happened last weekend in the stands of Estadio Corregidora, the sanctions against Club Querétaro and their management were already revealed, as they will be vetoed 5 years from Mexican soccer, and they’ll have to sell the franchise.

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Gallos Blancos will return to their former owner, Jorgealberto Hank, and will have to be sold by the end of 2022, meaning that Querétaro city could be having their last season with professional soccer, as the most possible outcome of the sale of the franchise is the relocation.

Querétaro will play their last home games without people on the stands, and for Apertura 2022, Estadio Corregidora will be left without soccer games, as the owners that are most advanced in conversations for acquiring the team will relocate them.

In Mexican Football Federation know that the team that arrives not only has to take into consideration the attraction that they’ll have wherever they decide to move the franchise, as well as how many new assets will create this team for Mexican soccer.


Which team will be replacing Querétaro?

For now, there’s five teams in Liga de Expansión, Mexico’s second flight, that can obtain the promotion to Liga MX as they fulfill all the requirements asked by Liga MX, but from those five teams, there’s only one that can acquire the franchise.

Similar to the situation that happened a couple of years ago with the relocation of Lobos BUAP, that later became FC Juárez, Atlante is the team that will take Gallos Blancos’ place in Mexico’s top flight, as they have been trying to do for a couple of seasons.


Will Atlante return to Liga MX?

Emilio Escalante tried to acquire Club Querétaro franchise a couple of years ago, and he was involved in negotiations with Grupo Caliente, although in the end he decided to step down from the negotiations and maintain the team in Liga de Expansión.

But now that the opportunity presented again, he’s willing to retake the negotiations, as it seems to be the best decision moving forward, now that they already reestablished themselves in Mexico City, they have their own stadium and training facilities.

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