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Amaury Vergara needs to sell Chivas, he wants to sell one of their most promising players

The pitch of Estadio Akron was also in awful conditions.

Chivas couldn’t beat the worst version of Club América in years.
Chivas couldn’t beat the worst version of Club América in years.

Since Amaury Vergaraimposed Marcelo Michel Leaño as Chivas coach last season, the first signs that that he doesn’t know how to follow the steps of his father were shown, as he’s more interested in his personal life and luxuries rather than making Chivas a contender club in Liga MX, something that was demonstrated in the Clásico Nacional, as the pitch of Estadio Akron was in awful conditions.

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That has translated into the current performances of Chivas, that don’t know what to do when they’re on the pitch and try to rely on individualities instead of playing associative soccer, like the one they showed then can play on the first half against Club Puebla.

But after the scoreless draw against Club América on Saturday night, it became evident that things are not working for El Rebaño, as they couldn’t win the Clásico Nacional against the worst version that Las Águilas have shown in years.

And now, Vergara has showed signs that the newest gem of Chivas academy might be on the move at the end of the season, as Sebastián Pérez Bouquet has been gathering attention given his recent performances, as he’s Chivas’ best player on the pitch.

Which team is interested in him?

Club América is interested in acquiring the 18-year-old midfielder, not only after he showed what he’s capable to do on his first Clásico Nacional, as he was the one taking the lead for El Rebaño, but also for what he’s done in the academy teams.

According to reports from sports journalist Jesús Hernández, a few months ago there were conversations between the two clubs to negotiate the transfer of Pérez Bouquet to Las Águilas, although they didn’t transcend.

Estadio Akron, another reason of Vergara’s disinterest

The pitch of Estadio Akron was in awful conditions on Saturday night, which left the sensation that the venue was not up to the standards needed for a game of the magnitude as the Clásico Nacional, although the game ended being a boring and scoreless draw.

According to sports journalist David Medrano, the reason for the bad conditions of the pitch has to do with the fact that Vergara has rented the stadium for other events unrelated to soccer, and added to the three teams that play in Estadio Akron -Chivas, Chivas Femenil and Tapatío-, the grass hasn’t been able to recover.

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