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Chivas won’t renew Alexis Vega but they already found his replacement

Alexis Vega will be out of contract at the end of the year.

Chivas will face Club América this Saturday.
Chivas will face Club América this Saturday.

Things in Chivas haven’t worked for a while, especially since the arrival of Marcelo Michel Leaño, as the team has won just 5 out of the 18 games that he has coached El Rebaño Sagrado, but it seems that Amaury Vergara won’t make a change, at least not soon.

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But the crisis is not only of results and on the pitch, as they haven’t been able to acquire players to strengthen their squad other than Roberto “Piojo” Alvarado, who arrived from Cruz Azul for the current season on a trade for Uriel Antuna and Alejandro Mayorga.

If that wasn’t enough, they are in danger of losing some of their most important players as their contract will expire either during the summer or at the end of the year, situation in which Alexis Vega currently is in, as he has left than a year on his contract.

Reports suggested that the 24-year-old left-winger was refusing to sign a contract extension, as he was linked to Monterrey on the past winter transfer window, club that supposedly were offering more money than what Chivas pays him now, but Vega just deny those rumors, saying that he wants to stay in El Rebaño.

Why hasn’t he agreed to an extension?

During an interview posted by Jesús “Canelo” Angulo on his YouTube channel, Vega was asked about his future with Chivas, to what he replied that he wants to stay with Chivas and he’s willing to sign a contract extension that is beneficial for both Chivas and him.

The problem has been exactly that, the parties haven’t been able to agree to a deal that fills their needs, and if they don’t resolve their problem soon, Vega will be able to start negotiating with any other clubs, and Chivas will have to start looking for a replacement, although they might already have someone in mind.

Who is Vega’s replacement?

In Chivas they know they have to start believing more in their academy players, which is why Marcelo Michel Leaño has started giving Sebastián Pérez Bouquet more chances with the first team, as he’s been part of five games of Clausura 2022 and has even started on 2 of them.

Pérez Bouquet has showed his skills in Chivas academy teams, where his outstanding performances opened the door for his debut in Liga MX this season. If Alexis Vega ends up leaving, it will be the 18-year-old offensive midfielder who takes his place in the offense of El Rebaño.

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