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Chivas will have a locker room cleanout if they don’t win against Atlas

El Rebaño lost 2-1 in the first leg of the quarterfinals.

They couldn’t keep up Cadena’s unbeaten streak.
They couldn’t keep up Cadena’s unbeaten streak.

Chivas will have to win by two or more goals on Sunday night if they want to make it into the semifinals, as the 2-1 defeat that they suffered in the first leg of the quarterfinals against Club Atlas, added to the away goals rule has left them with no other option.

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Although El Rebaño Sagrado arrived at the game with the boost morale that a good streak gives to any team -they hadn’t lost a single game since Marcelo Michel Leaño was sacked-, the lack of experience of Ricardo Cadena coaching Clásicos, as well as the good performance of Atlas prevented them from improving their streak.

One of the factors that also influenced the unfavorable result for El Rebaño was the lack of players that actually contribute to the team, as Cadena has given the starting role to a few academy players given the few options that exists on the first team.

That’s why, if Chivas don’t manage to beat Atlas and make it into the semifinals of Clausura 2022, there will be a locker room cleanout as soon as the season finishes, as Ricardo Peláez and Amaury Vergara knows that several players don’t have the level to be part of Chivas.

Who are the players that will leave Chivas?

It’s yet to be seen who is going to be the coach that will be in Chivas’s dugout for Apertura 2022, as Cadena doesn’t have ensured his continuity and Chivas have been looking for potential candidates to replace him, with Marcelo Bielsa and Diego Aguirre as the top options.

But reports suggest that regardless of the coach for next season, Ricardo Peláez is looking to cleanout the locker room, as some of the players haven’t contribute or turned to be troublemakers, like Antonio “Pollo” Briseño and César “Chino” Huerta.

Jesús Molina and Ángel Zaldívar will also be tagged as transferable for the summer transfer window, as they haven’t been able to contribute to the team needs, especially Zaldívar, who hasn’t scored since Michel Leaño left.

Gudiño will become a free agent

Raúl Gudiño will also leave Chivas as he has decided to not renew his contract and instead try out the free agency, especially after he was benched as a punishment for not agreeing to start negotiating his contract extension.

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