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Marcelo Bielsa was linked to Chivas, and he already took a decision about his new club

Chivas are looking for a new coach.

Bielsa is available since parting ways with Leeds United.
Bielsa is available since parting ways with Leeds United.

El Rebaño Sagrado lost their first game with Ricardo Cadena on the dugout in the first leg of the quarterfinals of Clausura 2022, as Atlas managed to beat 2-1 Chivas in a new edition of the Clásico Tapatío thanks to the brace scored by Jeremy Márquez.

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Since Cadena took over the first team to replace Marcelo Michel Leaño, Chivas had won five straight games, including Repechaje where they overwhelmed Pumas with a 4-1 score, although their biggest challenge arrived on Thursday night.

El Rebaño and Cadena weren’t up to the challenge and now will have to win by two goals in the second leg for them to make it into the semifinals, something that needs to happen if Cadena wants to remain as Chivas coach for Apertura 2022.

Ricardo Peláez isn’t sure that Cadena is the perfect fit for El Rebaño moving forward, which is why he’s already looking for potential replacement, among which Marcelo Bielsa stands out. Reports suggest that they are already in conversations with him but are waiting for his final decision.

Where will Bielsa coach next season?

The Argentine coach remains available since Premier League side Leeds United decided to part ways with him back in February given the poor results that he achieved in the first half of the season, something that now has them in the brink of relegation.

According to reports from Diario Olé, even if Bielsa is seriously considering the offer that Chivas made, he also has received offers from a few South American national teams, long-term projects that could convince him to refuse returning to Mexico.

As if that wasn’t enough, Olé also reports that his wish is to return to England, which is why, at least for now, the offer that he has prioritized is the one made by Burnley FC, who are also involved in the relegation fight, although for him to agree to arrive at Burnley they will first have to remain in Premier League for next season.

Which coach can arrive at Chivas if not him?

It looks complicated that Ricardo Cadena remains as Chivas coach, as Peláez has interviewed several coaches. For now, if Bielsa doesn’t arrive at Chivas, the second option is Diego Aguirre, Uruguayan coach that has experience in several South American teams and in Qatari soccer.

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