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Chivas vs Pachuca: the Rebaño Sagrado loses with Gudiño's own goal in Liga MX 2022 Round 2

The duel against the Tuzos ended 2-1 thanks to a blunder by Raúl Gudiño.

Chivas lost the game due to an own goal by goalkeeper Raúl Gudiño.
Chivas lost the game due to an own goal by goalkeeper Raúl Gudiño.

Chivas vs Pachuca in Round 2 of the Liga MX ended in a painful defeat for the Rebaño Sagrado, as an own goal by goalkeeper Raúl Gudiño sealed the 2-1 win. 

The match, which was shaping up to be Club Deportivo Guadalajara's second win, went from being a dream to a nightmare, as a distraction by the team's starting goalkeeper was what ended the game.

After beating Mazatlan FC, Chivas fans were hoping to see another great demonstration of their team's superiority.

However, the illusion did not last long and Marcelo Michel Leaño's team was unable to avoid a defeat that casts doubt on the good progress the team had been making in the preseason and their Round 1 match. 

The goals of the match... and Raúl Gudiño's mistake

The Liga MX Round 2 match took place at the Hidalgo Stadium, where both teams played good soccer in the first few minutes. 

In fact, in the first few minutes, the Tuzos went all over Chivas and in the 13th minute, the first attempt was made with a breakaway by Kevin Álvarez, who took the right flank as a running track to send in a cross, which was not taken advantage of by the Pachuca striker. 

But things began to take their course in the 20th minute when Nico Ibáñez entered the box, dribbling past the rival defenders, to give a pass to Víctor Guzmán, who shot in front of the goalkeeper

The ball hit the net and thus opened the scoreboard with a 1-0 scoreline. From that point on, Raúl Gudiño became a wall and constantly prevented the Tuzos from scoring the second goal of the game. 

However, in the 36th minute, everything came crashing down when defender Gilberto Sepúlveda gave the ball back to Gudiño under pressure from the opposing team. 

Sepúlveda sent a softball to Gudiño, but the latter, due to a miscalculation, let it go through, and thus the score was 2-0 in favor of Pachuca.

Chivas' goal would come from the penalty kick, as "Piojo" Alvarado would give a pass to Angel Zaldívar, who was positioned right in front of the Pachuca goal, but when he tried to shoot, he was fouled

As the play was not well appreciated by the referee, he had to rely on the VAR, and upon review, awarded the penalty kick to Chivas. 

The penalty was taken by Zaldívar himself, who did not miss and made it 2-1 to end the match. 

Chivas must correct mistakes to face its next game

This result ruins the good start to the tournament that Chivas had by beating Mazatlan, but more importantly, it exposes the team's lack of concentration

While it is true that in the second half the team coached by Marcelo Michel Leaño had some good attacks, it cannot be denied that the first half was completely dominated by Pachuca

The Rebaño Sagrado's next match will be on Saturday, January 22, when they face Querétaro, a team that has dominated Club Deportivo Guadalajara on the different occasions on which they have faced each other. 

Could this be the sign that this year is not a great one for Chivas either?

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