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Chivas: Ricardo Cadena wants a new addition for El Rebaño if he stays for Apertura 2022

Chivas will play against Pumas in Repechaje.

Ricardo Cadena hasn’t lost as Chivas coach yet.
Ricardo Cadena hasn’t lost as Chivas coach yet.

Chivas managed to win the last four games of the regular season of Clausura 2022 thanks to the decision of parting ways with Marcelo Michel Leaño and naming Ricardo Cadena as interim coach, something that helped El Rebaño boost their performances and play at a high level.

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The 12 points earned in the last part of the season helped them to finish on the top side of the tableafter being battling for one of the last tickets to Repechaje for most of the season, as when Michel Leaño was sacked, they were standing 14 with the same number of points.

The promotion of Ricardo Cadena now looks like the best decision that Amaury Vergara took, as the Mexican coach remains unbeaten as Chivas coach and changed the face of a team that didn’t have aspirations.

Although Cadena is still not one of the top candidates to assume the job for Apertura 2022, he has made a case for himself to be considered to remain as Chivas coach with the good performances that they’ve had in the few weeks he’s been in charge.

Cadena is after new signings

Although he’s not yet considered to be the next Chivas coach, Cadena knows that the good streak that they currently have will give them the mood boost needed to face the knockout stage and transcend, hence ensuring his stay for a season more.

That’s why he’s already looking for new signings for Apertura 2022, as he knows that the current squad is good but needs to be strengthened to keep the momentum going into next season, especially on the sidelines, where they need a right-back that can contribute to the offense.

According to reports from W Deportes Radio, his first option is Alan Mozo, Pumas right-back who missed the second leg of the CONCACAF Champions League final due to an injury, as the 25-year-old defender is one of the best assistants in Liga MX.

Can Mozo arrive at Chivas?

Both teams will face each other in Repechaje, something that will prevent negotiations from starting at least until one of the teams is out of the competition, but if Chivas were to acquire Alan Mozo, they will have to pay at least $4.3 million.

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