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Chivas: Alexis Vega renewed with Chivas, but his destination is Europe

He became the highest-paid player in Chivas.

He extended his contract for two years.
He extended his contract for two years.

Since Amaury Vergara decided to part ways with Marcelo Michel Leaño, things have started to work for Chivas, as not only they managed to win four games in a row but also have the home advantage in Repechaje and now Alexis Vega has agreed to extend hiscontract.

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Vega will become the highest-paid player not only in the current roster but in Chivas history, as he will earn $5 million divided in the next two and a half seasons, as he’ll make over $1.5 million per year, although Chivas doesn’t expect to pay him the full salary as the intention is to sell him to Europe soon.

Vega’s contract expired in December, but if El Rebaño Sagrado wanted to ensure an economic income when he decides to leave, they needed to extend him before Clausura 2022 was over, as if they didn’t, he was going to be able to negotiate his arrival at any team he wanted as a free agent.

According to ESPN, it was Amaury Vergara who resumed the conversations with Vega after they were stuck for months, as he agreed to the terms that “El Gru” was asking, as he knew it would benefit them when an offer for him arrives.

His final destination is Europe

With his new contract, Chivas ensure Vega’s stay in El Rebaño at least until the 2022 FIFA World Cup, where they expect for him to have a good participation that can open the doors for him to an eventual move to Europe.

His contract has a release clause that prevent other Liga MX teams to sign him, but is friendly to any European offers, who will only have to pay $5 million to acquire him, and according to W Deportes Radio, La Liga side Real Betis are interested in his addition.

His arrival to the Béticos will have to wait until the future if Diego Lainez is decided, as the Mexican winger is trying to leave Real Betis looking for more playing time, after Gerardo “Tata” Martino requested that he earned regularity if he wants to be considered for the final roster of El Tri for the World Cup.

How much will a Liga MX team will have to pay for him?

If any Liga MX team is interested in signing Vega, they will have to pay up to $15 million to acquire his economic rights, according to reports from sports journalist Jesús Hernández, as Chivas are not willing to strengthen a direct rival with whom has become the best player on their roster for the past year.

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