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The players that will leave Chivas if Ricardo Cadena remains as coach for next season

Cadena still has a chance of staying in Chivas.

El Rebaño will play against Pumas in Repechaje.
El Rebaño will play against Pumas in Repechaje.

Not a month ago, Chivas had few options to make it into Liguilla, as Marcelo Michel Leaño was coaching a team without ideas, that depended on individualities to save the result and didn’t have an established long-term project to follow.

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But the future of El Rebaño Sagrado took a 180 degree turn when Amaury Vergara decided to part ways with him and give Ricardo Cadena the chance of becoming interim coach of Chivas for the remainder of the season, in hopes of sneaking into Repechaje.

What he wasn’t expecting was that Cadena, who was coaching CD Tapatío, Chivas reserves team in Liga de Expansión, established a franchise record, as he is now the interim coach with most victories in a row, and he still remains unbeaten.

Although he’s not yet considered among the top options to become Chivas’s next coach, the good results and the change of face that he’s given to the team have opened a possibility for him to remain in El Rebaño’s dugout for next season.

Becoming protagonists, his only choice

Reports suggest that even if Chivas are negotiating with Marcelo Bielsa for his arrival next season, Cadena still has the option of remaining in the dugout, but only if he manages to make it to the final,surpassing what Victor Manuel Vucetich did during his stint.

Cadena knows that they have real possibilities, as the teams that finish the regular season often have more chances of transcending in Liguilla than the ones that had a good start but came to less as the season progressed.

That’s why he’s already planning on restructuring the roster once Clausura 2022 is over, as he knows there are some players that haven’t contributed to Chivas recently, as well as other that haven’t renewed and will be out of contract over the summer, like Raúl Gudiño, Miguel Ángel Ponce and Jesús Sánchez.

Who are the players that Cadena doesn’t want in Chivas?

Along the players that their contracts expire in June and haven’t renewed, Cadena knows that he needs to have players that are compromised to the team and improving it, which is why he plans on transferring Antonio “Pollo” Briseño, César “Chino” Huerta and Ángel Zaldívar.

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