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What does Marcelo Bielsa think of the offer that Chivas made him?

He coached Atlas and Club América in the 90s.

He parted ways with Leeds United back in February.
He parted ways with Leeds United back in February.

It’s no lie to say that Marcelo Bielsa is one of the best coaches in the world, not only for what he has achieved during his career, his latest achievement was returning Leeds United to Premier League after 16 years of playing in Championship, but also because of the great work he does with the academy teams.

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“El Loco” Bielsa is no stranger to Mexican soccer, as he coached both Atlas and Club América during the 90s, and he was even contacted by FMF to coach Mexico National Team while he was still managing Las Águilas, but he declined.

That’s why when reports about Chivas interest in signing him as their next coach, the surprise was not that a Mexican club was pursuing his addition, but instead, the team that is trying to have him on their dugout for the 2022-23 Liga MX season.

El Rebaño Sagrado is the biggest rival of both Atlas and América, which is why people are still wondering if he will accept the offer or if, given his past as Zorro and Águila, he’ll refuse to become the next coach of Chivas.

What does he think about arriving at Chivas?

For Marcelo Bielsa, his past with Atlas and Club América is very clear and won’t be forgotten, but he also sees with good eyes returning to coach to Liga MX, and according to sports journalist César Luis Merlo, he is seriously considering Chivas’soffer.

It hasn’t been revealed the offer that El Rebaño Sagrado made to “El Loco” Bielsa but arriving to one of Mexico’s biggest clubs would be a good challenge for the Argentine coach, especially given that he knows that they only play with Mexican players.

For now, the only thing that seems to be stopping El Rebaño is Bielsa’s high salary, as according to English news outlets, he earned $8 million per season, something that Chivas is not capable of paying him right now.

How much could he earn in Chivas?

Marcelo Michel Leaño, who was Chivas’s last coach, earned $740,000 per year, a sum far from what Bielsa could earn. According to reports, Marcelo Bielsa is willing to receive half of what he earned in Leeds, which is still far from the highest salary that El Rebaño has paid in recent years, $1.8 million to Victor Manuel Vucetich.

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