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Camilo Vargas renewed with Atlas just to be sold to another Liga MX team

He recently extended his contract until 2026.

He’s one of the best goalkeepers in Liga MX.
He’s one of the best goalkeepers in Liga MX.

Since Camilo Vargas arrived in Liga MX for the 2019-20 season, he’s become one of the best goalkeepers that has arrived at Mexican soccer in several years, something he was able to prove last year, when he became an essential player in Atlas pursue for their second Liga MX title.

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His outstanding performances have earned him the chance of playing with the Colombia National Team, where Reinaldo Rueda has given him some opportunities to play instead of David Ospina, the usual goalkeeper for the Colombians.

Atlas ownership has taken notice of the interest that the 33-year-old goalkeeper is having both inside and outside of Liga MX, which is why they decided to extend him until 2026, as they want to keep their goal secured and Vargas is the best option for them.

But the contract extension he received has a hidden interest for both parties, as not only it increases Vargas’ salary, but will also give Atlas more money in case of an eventual transfer, something that will only happen if the Colombian goalkeeper decides to leave Los Zorros.

A Liga MX club is seriously interested in him

One of the most difficult things to achieve in modern soccer is having a reliable goalkeeper, which is why when a club finally founds one, other teams increase their interest in them, especially if they are one of the biggest clubs of the country.

According to reports from Diario Récord, Cruz Azul has showed interest in acquiring Camilo Vargas and they already asked Atlas what they’re asking for him, showing that La Máquina is considering him to be the successor to Cruz Azul’s goal.

For now, they still have José de Jesús Corona as their starting goalkeeper, but with 41 years, it seems difficult that he’ll keep playing much longer, and given the mistakes showed by Sebastián Jurado in the few chances he’s had, La Máquina decided to look for another option.

How much will La Máquina have to pay for Vargas?

Since arriving in Atlas three years ago after Los Zorros paid $1.7 million to Colombian side Deportivo Cali, Camilo Vargas has increased his value up to $2.2 million, although La Máquina will have to pay more than that if they want to convince both Atlas and Vargas to accept the deal.

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