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Amaury Vergara doesn’t want Ricardo Cadena in Chivas and he already has a new coach

Cadena has coached all of Chivas academy teams.

El Rebaño remains unbeaten with Cadena as their coach.
El Rebaño remains unbeaten with Cadena as their coach.

With the recent results of Chivas, it seems like it will be enough for them to make it into Repechaje, as they currently standnine in Clausura 2022 with two games left to be played, the first one against Pumas on Saturday night and the last one against Necaxa.

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Ricardo Cadena already knows which players will leave the team if he remains as Chivas coach

But two weeks ago, El Rebaño Sagrado didn’t have options to make it into Repechaje, as the team played without a clear idea and Marcelo Michel Leaño instead of having a solid project, he dedicated to experiment on the lineup.

On 13 rounds of Clausura 2022, Chivas had 14 points as a result of three victories, five draws and five defeats, but they didn’t know how to close the games and lost at least eight points on the last minutes, as their rivals often found a late goal.

Amaury Vergara understood that Michel Leaño was hurting their aspirations not just to become protagonists in Liga MX, but also their chances of even making it into Repechaje, which is why he decided to sack him and place Ricardo Cadena as his replacement.

Cadena will return to Tapatío at the end of the season

Ricardo Cadena only needed two games to return El Rebaño Sagrado to Repechaje spots as well as change the face of the team, that now looks more focused and sharper than during the whole stint of Michel Leaño.

But that doesn’t seem to be enough for Amaury Vergara, who already has met up with a new coach that is identified with ElRebaño Sagrado, as he believes that that’s what has been missing in recent years: a connection with the institution and the followers.

According to reports, Vergara received Ramón Morales in Chivas facilities to talk about his potential arrival as El Rebaño coach for the 2022-23 season, given that Morales is one of the most recognizable Chivas players in the last decades.

Will he arrive at Chivas?

Vergara hasn’t taken a decision just yet, as he knows that if El Rebaño manage to be a protagonist in Liguilla, Cadena will become the strongest candidate to become the new coach of Chivas, as he already has experience with the team and the players.

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