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Chivas are looking to Replace Raúl Gudiño with the new Oswaldo Sánchez for next season

Raúl Gudiño will leave Chivas at the end of the season.

They haven’t found a reliable goalkeeper yet.
They haven’t found a reliable goalkeeper yet.

With only two games left in the regular season of Clausura 2022, Chivas are already starting to plan their next season now that the probabilities of having Ricardo Cadena as their full-time coach have exponentially grown thanks to his unbeaten streak.

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Ricardo Cadena is facing his first problem as Chivas coach thanks to Ricardo Peláez

Amaury Vergara knows that the best option for El Rebaño Sagrado’s foreseeable future is to keep Cadena as their coach, not only because he knows the institution from within, but also because he has changed Chivas’s face in just two games.

It’s true that he’d be the cheapest option too, as coaches like Matías Almeyda or Andrés Lillini would cost El Rebaño at least $1 million per season, and given the economic situation of Chivas, they could use a hand to avoid another higher salary.

But regardless of the economic side, in just two games, Cadena has showed that he knows how to make El Rebaño become a protagonist, as he’s managed to do two things that Marcelo Michel Leaño couldn’t do: close a game and comeback from behind to win a match.

He wants to strengthen the roster for next season

The only request that Amaury Vergara and Ricardo Peláez established to give Cadena continuity as El Rebaño’s coach is that Chivas have a worthy participation in Liguilla, something that seems most likely given the recent results.

That’s why he’s already planning next season, and one of the things he knows needs to be strengthened is the goal, as Raúl Gudiño will leave as a free agent as soon as Clausura 2022 ends, which is why he knows who his replacement could be.

Cadena knows José Raúl Rangel from his stint in CD Tapatío, where he’s the starting goalkeeper while he waits for an opportunity on the first team. Although he’s nicknamed “Tala”, he’s called to be the successor of all the former Chivas goalkeepers, including Oswaldo Sánchez.

Who is José Raúl Rangel?

The 22-year-old goalkeeper has been part of Chivas his entire career, as he progressed through the academy teams up until the reserves team. He currently serves as the third goalkeeper of El Rebaño, although his biggest participation has been with CD Tapatío.

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