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Ricardo Cadena already knows which players will leave the team if he remains as Chivas coach

Matías Almeyda won’t arrive at Chivas.

He has won the two games that has coached El Rebaño.
He has won the two games that has coached El Rebaño.

It took Amaury Vergara 13 rounds of Clausura2022 to realize that the crisis of results in which Chivas were immersed in was directly related to Marcelo Michel Leaño, as El Rebaño Sagrado only won five games during Michel Leaño’s stint.

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On the 13 games that Michel Leaño coached El Rebaño in the current season, they were able to win three games, added to the five draws that they gathered, the most that Chivas were expecting was to sneak in Repechaje on the last spot.

But now that Ricardo Cadena took over the team, as he’ll remain as Chivas’s coach for the rest of the season, El Rebaño Sagrado has showed a completely different face in the two games that Michel Leaño hasn’t been on the dugout.

With Cadena, they realized that they know how to close the games, especially when there’s a plan to follow throughout the 90 minutes, something that Michel Leaño never knew how to do. Cadena now has them on top of the cluster of teams that are fighting for a ticket to Repechaje.

Cadena can remain as Chivas coach if they play in Liguilla

The good results that Chivas have gathered in the past couple of games have opened the door for Ricardo Cadena to remain as El Rebaño coach for at least another season, although they will first have to make it to Liguilla.

If they have a worthy participation in the playoffs, Amaury Vergara will give Cadena the chance of remaining as coach, just like he did with Michel Leaño after Apertura 2021. The Mexican coach knows that is most likely that they will make it into Liguilla, which is why he’s already planning next season.

One of his first decisions is going to part ways with some players that haven’t contributed to ElRebaño or that don’t have intentions of renewing. Coincidentally, all of them are related to Ricardo Peláez, as he was the one that pushed for their additions.

Who are the players that will leave El Rebaño for next season?

According to reports Raúl Gudiño will be the first player to leave, as Cadena doesn’t want to wait for him to decide if he renews with Chivas or not. Jesús Molina and Miguel Ponce are the other two players that he’s not considering for the 2022-23 season.

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