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Andrés Lillini wants Chivas to sign three players to become their next coach

Chivas are looking for a new coach.

By Jose Castro

Chivas are looking for a new coach.
Chivas are looking for a new coach.
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Amaury Vergara knows that parting ways with Marcelo Michel Leaño was just the first step to returning Chivas to the right track, although there’s still a lot more to do before El Rebaño Sagrado becomes once again a contender for Liga MX.

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Amaury Vergara has found a new coach for Chivas

Chivas haven’t won a single title since Matías Almeyda left them in 2018 after being involved in discussions with Jorge Vergara, Amaury Vergara and José Luis Higuera. With Almeyda, El Rebaño won five titles in three years.

And now that Chivas is looking for a coach and that Almeyda is looking for a new team after resigning to his position at San Jose Earthquakes, team that he coached from 2019 until last weekend, it seemed like he’d be the perfect replacement for Michel Leaño.

But given the problems that the Argentine coach had with Vergara, his arrival at Chivas for a second stint won’t happen. For now, Ricardo Cadena will remain as El Rebaño’s coach, but once Clausura 2022 is over, he’ll return to CD Tapatío and Chivas will have a new coach.


Lillini is willing to arrive at Chivas; these are his requests

One of the best options for Chivas is to sign Pumas’ coach Andrés Lillini, who hasn’t renewed with Los Universitarios and will become a free agent once the season in over, making him one of the coaches with the highest demand.

Lillini knows how to make the most out of a limited roster, as he’s managed to play two Liga MX finals since he became Pumas’ coach and for the current season he managed to get Los Universitarios in the CONCACAF Champions League final.

Andrés Lillini knows that arriving at Chivas will be a good challenge for him, which is why he’s willing to accept the job, although the request he has to take it is to arrive with three of his best players from Pumas. The first one is Alfredo Talavera, as El REbaño are going to need a new goalkeeper given that Raúl Gudiño will leave as a free agent.


Who are the other two players?

Lillini knows that one of the weakest spots of Chivas is their defense, which is why he wants them to sign right-back Alan Mozo, who has become the best player of Pumas as he not only defends, but he also is their top assistant. Finally, Arturo “Palermo” Ortíz is his last request, as “Palermo” has become the leader in defense for Los Universitarios.

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